Budapest has seven islands on the Danube River: Hajogyari sziget (Shipyard Island), Margit sziget (Margaret Island), Csepel sziget, Palotai-sziget (today, a peninsula), Nepsziget (connected to the above, but mostly surrounded by water), Haros-sziget and Molnor-sziget.

Margaret Island (Margitsziget) fills a surface of more than 1 square kilometer, and one of its most notable attractions is represented by a bathing establishment. The island is located between the Margaret Bridge (south) and the Arpad Bridge (north) which ensure the access to the island. Tourists or locals can be often seen jogging or biking on the island, and during the evening the dance clubs and restaurants around the island are full. During the summer season, the place is famous for its beach parties.

Csepel Island (Csepel-sziget) is a 48 kilometers long island and 6 to 8 kilometers wide.

Hajogyari-sziget (or Obudai-sziget) is the biggest island in Budapest. On the island tourists can enjoy wake-boarding or jet-skiing. At night, the clubs located here get crowded with beautiful Hungarian girls. In addition, the island hosts the famous Sziget Music Festival every year. There are big plans in progress for this island: soon the place will be transformed in one of the most impressive entertainment places in Europe. Hotels, apartments, casinos and a marina are said to be soon built.

The smallest island on the Danube in Budapest is Luppa-sziget.

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