Budapest is a fascinating city, but this metropolis is surrounded by countless attractions which are open to visits. The most popular tours are the ones which lead tourists to the... Godollo


Szentendre is an old borough dotted with historical Baroque buildings, featuring to all visitors plenty of art galleries and museums, as well as family run restaurants and open-air cafes. On... Szentendre


Visegrad is a historical town, being located on the bank of the Danube, on one of the bends the river makes in its trajectory. By coming to Visegrad, tourists... Visegrad


Esztergom is the sacred city of Hungary, located only 46 kilometers northwest from Budapest. Tourists can get here by train, departing from Nyugati palyaudvar (the west train station of Budapest)... Esztergom

Lake Balaton

Next to Budapest, Lake Balaton is the main coordinate of what the development of the Hungarian tourism means. Measuring 80 kilometers in length and featuring a shoreline of some 200... Lake Balaton

Pannonhalma Monastery

Located 20 kilometers southeast from the city of Gyor, the Pannonhalma Monastery is accessible by the Veszprem train which connects Budapest to the locality of Pannonhalma (the place of worship... Pannonhalma Monastery

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