A stay in Budapest would surely be incomplete if tourists missed out the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of its thermal waters. It’s true shopping and nightlife, for instance, are in themselves generous enough to keep tourists busy during their stay in the capital of Hungary. But Budapest takes pride in being the one capital city in the world which features the largest thermal spring bed, and this is not something to disregard.

Indeed, the Romans were the ones who discovered this specific potential of Budapest, but the ones who truly invested in and capitalized on this asset were the Ottomans who built a series of public baths in the nowadays capital of Hungary. Despite the fact much of the Turkish heritage is lost, the resource is still available, which is why the more than 100 thermal springs of Budapest became a major tourist trump. But it is the Ottomans which must be credited for setting out the institution of public baths in Budapest, from where governmental and local authorities have taken over and developed a large infrastructure of public baths.

Tens of thermal baths or spas can be spotted throughout Budapest, plenty of them being managed by certain luxury hotels in Budapest. Others are public baths anyone can visit, or private self-managed spas. Often, thermal sessions go hand in hand with beauty care treatments, such as to give clients the feeling of a complete invigoration.

In addition to all that, the surroundings of Budapest are also replete with spa centers, which is a plus for all tourists who don’t want to confine their stay in the capital of Hungary to the city proper.

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