Camping Bikercamp Budapest

Address: Benyovszky Moric utca, 40

Our campsite operates on a self−serve basis, with access to the fridge. Just jot down onto the scratch pad whatever you consume. All ages are welcome at our grassy, shady, atmospheric campsite. At the Biker Pub, you can watch videos about motorcycle events, drink and eat with your favourite piped music in the background. You can...

Camping Csilleberci

Camping Camping Csilleberci Budapest

Address: Konkoly Thege Miklos ut, 21

Camping for motorists 24 parcelles equipped with electrical plug connection, 100 m2 each.


Camping Haller Budapest

Address: Haller utca, 27

This homely campground operating 24 hour reception is located in a silent park in the heart of Budapest. Numerous food stores, post offices and restaurants can be found in its close surrounding. The downtown, the Buda castle, the famous museum and the pleasure−grounds at the side of the Danube can be reached in a few...


Camping Lido Budapest

Address: Udulo sor, 7

Metro Tennis

Camping Metro Tennis Budapest

Address: Csomori ut, 158

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