Metropolitan Bath Directorate

At present, the public baths of Budapest are managed by the so-called Metropolitan Bath Directorate (Fovarosi Furdoigazgatosag), a historical institution founded in the early 20th century. The organization is in... Metropolitan Bath Directorate

Csillaghegy Bath

The Csillaghegy Bath is located in the namesake district of Budapest (Csillaghegy, district III), and it is one of the all-season bathing establishments of the city, despite the fact it... Csillaghegy Bath

Szechenyi Bath

The Szechenyi Bath is located in the so-called City Park of Budapest, and it is one of the largest spas in Hungary. On top of that, it also makes its... Szechenyi Bath

Dagaly Bath

The Dagaly Bath is located in district XIII of Budapest, and it consists of a 10-pool leisure complex. The services provided here range from medical massages to aromatherapy. The chemical... Dagaly Bath

Dandar Bath

This is a 3-pool complex located in district IX of Budapest. Clients can enjoy several types of massages here. The Dandar Bath is one of the 10 all-season spa facilities... Dandar Bath

Gellert Bath

The Gellert Bath is one of the most complex bathing establishments in Budapest. Is enjoys a central location in the city (district IX), and it consists of 13 pools, both... Gellert Bath

Kiraly Bath

Located in district II of Budapest, the Kiraly Bath consists of 4 pools. On top of the specific services (massages, sauna), this bathing establishment is also available for bathing equipment... Kiraly Bath

Lukacs Bath

The 8 pools of which the Lukacs Bath, one of the most notable all-season spa complexes in Budapest, consists are specialized in servicing different categories of clients or in providing... Lukacs Bath

Rudas Bath

Located in district II of Budapest, the present Rudas Bath is built around the historical Turkish bath of the city, which dates back to the 16th century. It is not... Rudas Bath

Csepeli Bath

The Csepeli Bath is located in district XXI of Budapest, on Csepel Island, and it was built in 1961. This seasonal bathing establishment is more of a water park, with... Csepeli Bath

Palatinus Bath

The Palatinus Bath is one of the main attractions on Margaret Island. It is yet another seasonal bath in Budapest, and, besides the wellness and spa-related services and facilities, it... Palatinus Bath

Paskal Bath

The Paskal Bath is located in district XIV of Budapest, and it is one of the newest seasonal baths in the capital of Hungary. Built no sooner than 1989, the... Paskal Bath

Punkosdfurdo Bath

The Punkosdfurdo Bath is, it too, more of a seasonal leisure opportunity than a spa center as such. Here, visitors can swim in one of the three pools and, on... Punkosdfurdo Bath

Romai Bath

The Romai Bath is more of a fun park. It is a family-oriented venue, with plenty of facilities intended for kids’ fun and amusement. Similar to all the other seasonal... Romai Bath

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