Accommodation in Budapest comes in many shapes. Thus, the city is able to absorb a fairly miscellaneous flow of tourists, budget travelers and visitors who afford to spend lavishly alike. Plenty of hostels and variously rated hotels, pensions and residences, as well as camping sites can be spotted throughout Budapest.

However, most of the luxury accommodation solutions are to be looked for on the very banks of the Danube, or in the immediate vicinity of the river, most of them in the districts of the Pest region of the city. Indeed, the Danube yields spectacular views, and this is a feature capitalized on by the luxury sleeping venues in Budapest.

Budapest Marriott Hotel

Budapest Marriott Hotel actually takes pride in being located on the bank of the Danube, more precisely, in Pest. However, this privileged location comes with yet other advantages. For instance, given its central position, the hotel is close to most of the major attractions of Budapest, which is not something to be disregarded. In addition, the services and facilities offered by Budapest Marriott live up to the 5-star label of the hotel, and that feature guarantees the quality and refinement of a stay in Budapest.

For further information and for reservations, visit Budapest Marriott Hotel.

Hilton Budapest

Hilton Budapest is located on west side of the capital of Hungary, in Buda, more exactly, and even if it is not actually located on the bank of the Danube, it does enjoy a privileged location in central Budapest, close to some of the most notable attractions, such as the Church of Mathias or the Fisherman’s Bastion. Some of the best rated rooms have stunning views, but the hotel makes its way through on the luxury accommodation scene of Budapest by its excellent services and facilities designed to service the interests of both pleasure and business travelers.

For a complete description of these facilities and services, as well as for reservations, visit Hilton Budapest Hotel.

Corinthia Hotel Budapest

The nowadays Corinthia Hotel Budapest is, in fact, the former Grand Hotel Royal. It’s not just the building of Grand Royal that Corinthia has inherited, but its reputation too. Grand Royal, one of the oldest hotels in Budapest, used to be a landmark of luxury in the capital of Hungary. Corinthia Hotel does not fall short of the grandness so carefully observed by the former Grand Royal. Taking into account the modern facilities and services available at this elegant hotel in Budapest, not to mention the Royal Spa center administrated by it, one can easily understand a stay at Corinthia is the basis for a perfect vacation in Budapest.

In order to learn more about the available range of services and facilities, as well as for reservations, visit Corinthia Hotel Budapest.

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus is one of the top luxury hotels in Budapest. Kempinski is all about elegance and style, and these qualities are reflected by both minute furnishing details and the overall dash of the hotel. The respect for distinction culminates in the so-called Kempinski Gallery, a genuine art gallery hosted by the hotel where sundry temporary exhibitions are held. Services are of the best quality, but one of the most prized facilities at Kempinski refers to its spa center, a complete wellness venue designed in view of guests’ relaxation and recovery.

On top of that, Kempinski Hotel Corvinus is located in one of the best shopping areas of Budapest.

For a thorough description of the rooms and suites at Kempinski, of its facilities and services, as well as for reservations, visit Kempinski Hotel Corvinus.

Le Meridien Budapest

Le Meridien Budapest enjoys, roughly speaking, the same wholesome location as Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, in one of the most interesting districts in Pest. Shopping and sightseeing are two of the most rewarding activities guests of Le Meridien can indulge in, since the surroundings of the hotel are replete with opportunities of this kind. Le Meridien is highly appreciated for the events it organizes.

For complete information on the services and facilities put forward by Le Meridien, as well as for reservations, visit Le Medirien Budapest.

Mamaison Hotel Andrassy

Mamaison Hotel Andrassy makes its way though by a quality all guests should appreciate: it manages to combine distinction and coziness, offering both elegance and comfort. The restaurant managed by the hotel serves, amongst others, the best traditional Hungarian dishes, and the wellness center is ideal for relaxation.

For reservations and updated information on the offers made available by this refined boutique hotel, visit Mamaison Hotel Andrassy.

Hotel Sofitel

Hotel Sofitel is one of the largest luxury hotels in Budapest, making available more than 300 elegantly furnished rooms and suites. The wellness center, as well as its restaurants and bars, along with all the other exquisite facilities and services turn Sofitel into one of the top choices for tourists who spare no financial efforts to spend a complete vacation in Budapest. On top of that, Sofitel is located close to the historical Chain Bridge of Budapest, and it is also home to one of the most reputed casinos in the capital of Hungary, namely, Las Vegas Casino.

In order learn more about the opportunities put forward by Sofitel, as well as for reservations, visit Hotel Sofitel.

Hotel Intercontinental

Another notable luxury accommodation solution on the Pest side of Budapest refers to Hotel Intercontinental. It is located on the very bank of the Danube, close to the Chain Bridge, and it does not strike exclusively by its high standards of luxury it observes, but also by its size. More than 400 rooms and suites are available at Intercontinental, but the hotel is ideal for business meetings, with its plethora of conference rooms, as well as for relaxation, given one of its most prized assets refers to an exquisite wellness center.

For reservations and for a complete account of the services and facilities guests can enjoy during their stay at Intercontinental, visit Hotel Intercontinental.

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