The Sziget Festival is an event of special tourist interest for Budapest. It entices hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, in the first half of August, who head for Hajogyari Island (Obuda Island, the party island of Budapest) in order to spend a week of uninterrupted partying while delighting in listening to the music shows put on by some of the most resonant names in the field of rock music (as well as of other genres, though rock tends to dominate the scene).

The Sziget Festival (in translation, the Island Festival) is a relatively recent annual happening on the musical scene of Europe, its first edition having been organized in 1993. Yet, it managed to attain worldwide popularity in no time, its magnetism being evidenced by the ever increasing crowds of people who set foot on Hajogyari Island each year.

Besides enjoying the music shows proper, the public also has the possibility to indulge in all sorts of outdoor activities (camping-related, sports, theater performances).

For updated information on the next edition of the festival, follow the indications below:

Sziget Festival

Hajogyari Sziget, Budapest, Hungary

Hajogyari Sziget, Budapest, Hungary

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