Chain Bridge

The recorded history of Budapest shows the unification of the former smaller towns of Obuda, Buda and Pest in 1873 was the crucial moment when the future trajectory of Budapest... Chain Bridge

Elisabeth Bridge

The construction works at the initial Elisabeth Bridge of Budapest completed in 1903. However, the current Erzsebet Hid bears little resemblance with the former structure over the Danube, being the... Elisabeth Bridge

Arpad Bridge

Amounting to more than 983 meters in length, the Arpad Bridge is clearly the longest bridge in Budapest. It features pedestrian passageways, tram tracks, cycle paths and, of course, a... Arpad Bridge

Margaret Bridge

The Margaret Bridge is, chronologically speaking, the second permanent bridge of Budapest, and the second oldest at the same time, only after the Chain Bridge. The construction works were completed... Margaret Bridge

Liberty Bridge

The Liberty Bridge of Budapest is, it too, one of the oldest bridges linking Buda and Pest. It was built a little before the turn of the century, more precisely,... Liberty Bridge

North Railway Bridge

The North Railway Bridge of Budapest is, just as the name suggests, dedicated to enabling the railway traffic of the city. It was built in 1896 and first opened to... North Railway Bridge

Petofi Bridge

The Petofi Bridge of Budapest was opened to public traffic in 1937, after the completion of the construction works (initiated in 1933). The chief architect was Pal Algyai Hubert, and... Petofi Bridge

Lagymanyos Bridge

The Lagymanyos Bridge is the southernmost bridge in Budapest and, at the same time, one of the newest. It was built between 1992 and 1995 by the design of Tibor... Lagymanyos Bridge

Megyeri Bridge

The Megyeri Bridge of Budapest is part of the M0 ring road of the city and, so far, it is the newest of all bridges over the Danube. It was... Megyeri Bridge

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