Buda Castle Labyrinth

The Buda Castle Labyrinth is, by formation, a nature attraction of Budapest and, in fact, one of the highest rated underground attractions in the world. On the other hand, the... Buda Castle Labyrinth

Zoological and Botanical Garden

Visiting Budapest and missing out the city’s Zoological and Botanical Garden, simply referred to by locals as the Zoo, would be nothing but a loss. The importance of the venue... Zoological and Botanical Garden

Castle Cave

The Castle Cave is part of the wide cave system of Budapest, and its history is very similar to the one of the Buda Castle Labyrinth. It too formed by... Castle Cave

Palvolgyi Cave

The Palvolgyi Cave of Budapest was discovered in the early 20th century, more precisely, in 1904, but it was opened to the public no sooner than 1927, when it was... Palvolgyi Cave

Szemlohegyi Cave

The Szemlohegyi Cave is neither the longest, nor the widest cave in Budapest (amounting to no more than 2,200 meters in length) but, without a doubt, it is one of... Szemlohegyi Cave

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