Royal Spa

Budapest is rightfully dubbed the City of Spas, and it’s not only the public facilities that sustain this surname, but the private spas too argue this reputation of the capital... Royal Spa

Kempinski Spa

Kempinski Spa is managed by the luxury Kempinski Hotel Corvinus. Its facilities are as diverse as it gets, ranging from an ice fountain to a steam bath. Treatments are designed... Kempinski Spa

ISIS Day Spa

ISIS Day Spa is a top wellness center which combines several ancient spa cultures, such as the Roman tradition, the Turkish and the Tibetan traditions. The impressive heritage of these... ISIS Day Spa

Lian Spa

Lian Spa focuses on providing a large range of Thai massages, but this is not an exclusive offer. Other highlights of what Lian Spa puts forward refer to the ritual... Lian Spa

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