Golf in Budapest

Keen golfers will surely find it comforting to learn Budapest features a fine golf course infrastructure, with plenty of golf clubs able to meet the standards of both the professionals... Golf in Budapest

Tennis and squash in Budapest

Tourists passionate about tennis and squash should keep in mind Budapest does feature several tennis clubs and courses able to provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy their favorite sports... Tennis and squash in Budapest

Horse riding in Budapest

Horse riding counts as one of the most picturesque pastimes in the capital of Hungary. The surroundings of Budapest are, indeed, replete with horse riding opportunities for those who are... Horse riding in Budapest

Jogging in Budapest

Jogging in Budapest is not just possible, but an activity which is advisable to keen runners and occasional joggers alike. It is on Margaret Island that jogging in Budapest is... Jogging in Budapest

Cycling in Budapest

Budapest might not be the height of all cycling sites in Europe, but it definitely features a solid cycling infrastructure which is worth exploiting by people passionate about this sport.... Cycling in Budapest

Water sports in Budapest

In Budapest, tourists can practice a wide range of water sports. Kayak canoe, swimming, wakeboarding, all these are possible in Budapest to the satisfaction of those who want to get... Water sports in Budapest

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