Amounting to more than 983 meters in length, the Arpad Bridge is clearly the longest bridge in Budapest. It features pedestrian passageways, tram tracks, cycle paths and, of course, a carriageway split into two ways, each one with three lanes. Adding the land sections of the bridge (the ones leading to the bridge as such), Arpad Hid amounts to some 2 kilometers in length.

The beginning of the project is documented for the year 1939, but works were delayed and completed only in 1950, when the Communist authorities decided to name the bridge the Stalin Bridge, despite the fact the initial intention was to call it the Arpad Bridge. The name changed to the current one in 1958.

A special feature of this bridge is it stands as one of the means of access to Margaret Island. On top of that, by crossing the Arpad Bridge (from Pest to Obuda), one has the opportunity to stumble upon two of the most important museums of Budapest, located very closely to the bridgehead, namely the Vasarely Museum and the Kassak Museum.

Arpad Bridge (Arpad Hid)
Budapest, Hungary
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