One of the permanent exhibitions of the Museum of Literature Petofi of Budapest consists of the so-called Lajos Kassak Memorial Museum.

Lajos Kassak is deemed one of the most influential Hungarian creators of the 20th century, since his works is said to have give rise to the authentic Hungarian avant-garde literary movement. The eccentricity of this artistic figure is reflected not only by the heterogeneity of the literary style, but also by his life pegged out by moments of active or silent political involvement.

The Lajos Kassk Memorial Museum honors the literary (and not only) heritage of this multidimensional creator: poet, novelist, theorist, essayist and painter at the same time.

Lajos Kassak Memorial Museum (Kassak Lajos Emlekmuzeum)
1, Fo ter, 1033, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 3687021

1, Fo ter, 1033, Budapest, Hungary

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