The Szemlohegyi Cave is neither the longest, nor the widest cave in Budapest (amounting to no more than 2,200 meters in length) but, without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful of all. Some even rate it the most aesthetically striking of all.

Located very close to the Palvolgyi Cave, the Szemlohegyi Cave is, indeed, worldwide reputed for the mineral formations on its walls. A striking parade of mineral laces and bouquets carpets the inside of the cave, which is precisely why, in recognition of its beauty, the venue is often referred to as the underground flower garden of Budapest.

A tourist plus of the Szemlohegyi Cave is it is accessible for people with reduced mobility too. Temperatures, however, tend not to exceed 8 degrees Celsius, which is why visitors are advised to dress accordingly.

Szemlohegyi Cave (Szemlohegyi Barlang)
35, Pusztaszeri ut, 1025, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 3256001
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