The Palvolgyi Cave of Budapest was discovered in the early 20th century, more precisely, in 1904, but it was opened to the public no sooner than 1927, when it was also fitted with a lighting system.

Exploring the Palvolgyi Cave, which is, it too, located in the Buda region of the city, can be quite a challenge. First of all, together with the Matyashegyi Cave, the Palvolgyi Cave forms the second longest cave system in Hungary (18 kilometers). It’s true the organized tours do not cover the entire length, at least not for mainstream visitors who only want to see the areas which have been already set up to tourist purposes.

However, average temperatures do not exceed 8 degrees Celsius, which is why visitors are advised to dress properly. Secondly, the topography proper is quite difficult, featuring, for instance, steep sections. That makes it difficult for people who are not in excellent physical condition to explore the cave.

Extensive cave exploration tours are organized for the more adventurous visitors, and such tours unveil to the curious the areas which are not fitted with a visiting infrastructure proper.

The Palvolgyi Cave has been a protected area since 1944.

Palvolgyi Cave (Palvolgyi Barlang)
162, Szepvolgyi ut, 1025, Budapest, Hungary
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