Located 20 kilometers southeast from the city of Gyor, the Pannonhalma Monastery is accessible by the Veszprem train which connects Budapest to the locality of Pannonhalma (the place of worship proper is located 2 kilometers from the train station).

The monastery is situated on a hill surrounded by fertile valleys, such as Bakony and the Small Plain (Kisalfold). Founded by Prince Geza in 969, this is the oldest and the most prized place of worship in Hungary. It was in 1001 that the construction works at the monastery were completed under Stephen I, son of Geza. The monastery was subsequently expanded and enlarged with Gothic architectural sections (during the 13th century), as well as with Neo-Classical elements (the tower of the monastery).

For a thorough description of this tourist attraction and of its surroundings, visit pannonhalma.hu

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