Nepliget is literally the largest of all public parks in Budapest, filling a surface of some 110 hectares, but despite this notable feature, it does not enjoy the popularity other green spots of the city, such as the City Park or Margaret Island, enjoy.

The park is located in southeast Pest, and its chief highlight refers to the Planetarium, renowned both for the instructive and the fun opportunities it makes available (star gazing and laser and music shows). The Planetarium aside, Nepliget is dotted with plenty of statues and monuments or, better yet, with what is left of its former sculptural patrimony. The alleys are shadowed by trees and the nature set is complemented by a carpet of shrubs and flowers.

It was in 1942 that Nepliget reached its present dimensions and general layout, and in time it was the venue were plenty of events (cultural or sports-related) were organized. The park is easily accessible, given there are two metro stations pegging out its southwest side: the Nepliget and the Ecseri ut metro stations.

Budapest, Hungary
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