There is a consensus of opinion with respect to the fact the Karoly Garden is the most beautiful small garden of Budapest. Indeed, this small green gem of the city does not strike by its greenery alone, but it is also a landscape gardening masterpiece.

The access is made through a marvelous wrought-iron fence, and a wealth of seesaws, swings and slides which are very popular with children can be spotted on an especially set up kids’ playground. The entire atmosphere of the park is infused with the thrill and satisfaction of the little ones, their laughter filling the air with the innocence specific to their age.

The alleys in Karoly Kert are lined with benches ideal for relaxation in the shade. While strolling or resting on the bench, visitors can admire the greenery. Several rare species of plants contribute to the lush flora of the park, but for extensive sightseeing, tourists can also visit the former Karoly Palace (which is now home to the Museum of Literature Petofi), recently restored to its former architectural magnificence.

The Karoly Palace borders the park on one side, and, in fact, together with the garden proper, used to be the property of Mihaly Karoly, a political figure of Hungary in the early 20th century. However, the garden and the palace are no longer a compact administrative unit, since the park is public property (a statute it has kept since 1928).

Astoria is the closest metro station, but visitors can also use the Ferenciek tere or the Kalvin ter metro stations in order to get to Karoly Kert. The National Museum of Hungary is located just across the street.

As an intriguing feature, the Karoly Garden faces, from the opposite side of the Danube, the Gellert Hill, as if to mimic or to reflect on a smaller scale the splendor of Budapest’s highest ground.

Karoly Garden (Karoly Kert)
Magyar utca, 1053, Budapest, Hungary
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