The Museum of Literature Petofi of Budapest was founded in 1945, starting from the already existing basis of the former Petofi House, the purpose of which was confined to preserving and promoting the heritage of Petofi Sandor.

In time, the initial Petofi House, managed by the so-called Petofi Society, extended its scope of activity, enriching its responsibilities with the mission to preserve manuscripts, libraries, documents, as well as personal effects which belonged to other notable figures of the Hungarian literature.

Thus, the smaller Petofi House became the Museum of Literature Petofi, managing several other branches: the Kassak Museum, the Ady Endre Memorial Museum, the Jokai Memorial Room.

The collections sheltered at the Museum of Literature Petofi refer to a library, to a manuscript archive and to an audiovisual library. A special attention is dedicated to the range of personal effects of Petofi and to his art collection.

Museum of Literature Petofi (Petofi Irodalmi Muzeum)
16, Karolyi Mihaly utca, 1053, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 3173611 / 0036 1 3173450

16, Karolyi Mihaly utca, 1053, Budapest, Hungary

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