The Buda Castle Museum of History, also referred to as the Castle Museum, is, as the name suggests, hosted in one section of the very Buda Castle. The collections displayed here manage to provide an insight into sundry historical periods of Budapest, starting from the Roman age to more recent times, without overlooking the glorious medieval period of the capital of Hungary.

Antiquity is retraced by means of sundry archeological discoveries which yield one of the most important archeological collections of Budapest. The Middle Ages are depicted by a miscellaneous range of items: weapons, seals and, of course, a series of Gothic statues which generate one of the highlights of the museum.

The bottom line is, of all the museums of history in Budapest, the Castle Museum is one venue not to be overlooked by anyone who harbors serious interests in discovering the historical trajectory of the capital of Hungary.

Buda Castle Museum of History (Varmuzeum)
Buda Castle, 2, Szent Gyorgy ter, 1014, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 4878800
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