Budapest has been dubbed the City of Spas, but a surname just as legitimate is the City of Caves. Thus, the underground of Buda might prove to be just as rich in attractions as it is the rest of Budapest at the surface.

The famed Buda Castle Labyrinth, the Palvolgyi Cave and the Szemlohegyi Cave count as some of the most notable nature attractions in Budapest. The Buda Castle Labyrinth is, as it seems, the most accessible, but the latter two require physical endurance and fitness in order to be explored outside the mainstream visiting infrastructure they have been provided with.

Barlangaszat Budapest

Barlangaszat Budapest is a company which provides extensive cave tours in Budapest. The chief site they explore refers to the Palvolgyi Cave and to its neighboring cave, namely, the Matyashegyi Cave. These are two of the most challenging caves in Budapest that have been discovered until now.

What is different about the tours offered by Barlangaszat Budapest, as compared with the tours offered by the companies which manage the caves as such, is they go beyond the usual visiting infrastructure of the cave, unveiling the genuinely wild facet of the underground. The proficiency of the guides who supervise the tours is said to replace visitors’ lack of experience. Indeed, people with no exploration training too are invited to discover the Palvolgyi Cave, though a certain presence of mind is definitely required.

The necessary gear is provided by the company.

Barlangaszat Budapest
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