Being the oldest place of worship in Pest, the Inner City Parish Church has had a history pegged out by plenty of destruction and renovation episodes. It was initially built during the 12th century in a Romanesque style, but migrants’ invasions have resulted in the complete obliteration of the edifice. Rebuilt in a Gothic style, it was then used as a mosque by the Turks during the 17th century.

The last major damage was registered in 1723, when a fire led to a new reconstruction of the church. As a result, the church was designed in a Baroque style, which is precisely what it looks like on the outside at present.

The interior keeps, however, the evidence of other architectural and artistic style influences, such as Neo-Classical, Gothic and Neo-Gothic elements.

Inner City Parish Church (Belvarosi Plebaniatemplom)
2, Marcius 15 ter, 1056, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 31-3108
0036 1 31-3108
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