The Church of Saint Elizabeth of the House of Arpad was built between 1893 and 1901, its chief architect being Imre Steindl who also designed the famed Parliament building of Budapest. Imre Steindl was not, however, the only artist of the time who contributed to the making of this grandiose structure. Miksa Roth too, one of the most impeccable stained glass artists ever born in Hungary, was summonsed to participate at the decoration works of the church.

This catholic church was designed in a striking Gothic style, and the two 76 meters tall spires spring from the bases of the building as if to pierce the sky with their slenderness, overlooking the entire Rozsak tere (Square of Roses) where the edifice is located. The Gothic style of the building is clearly observed by the structure of the rosary, which is placed right on top of the entrance.

Besides Miksa Roth, who obviously enhanced the interior decorative quality of the church, another artist who left his mark in this respect was Mor Holtzl, back then a renowned wood carving master.

Church of Saint Elizabeth of the House of Arpad (Arpad-hazi Szent Erzsebet Templom)
8, Rozsak tere, 1074, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 3224117
0036 1 3224117
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