The Szabadsag Square (Liberty Square) is located in Pest, very close to the riverside promenade, just south from Kossuth ter and the Hungarian Parliament, and a pleasant walk north from the Basilica of Saint Istvan. This small square is surrounded by several imposing buildings, such as the former Stock Exchange and the headquarters of the National Bank of Hungary. The U.S. Embassy is also located here.

However, the square is often thought of as a park, since it is sunken in greenery and it features two playgrounds which render it very popular with the little ones. It’s true this park is not one of the highest rated from a tourist point of view, but it is one of the locals’ top preferences.

All in all, the Szabadsag Square Park is one of the prized hidden green spots of Budapest, and discovering it would be nothing but a pleasant tourist achievement, mostly if one takes the tour of the Parliament and decides to head southwards to the Basilica of Saint Istvan, enjoying on the route the calmness and freshness of this park.

Szabadsag Square Park (Szabadsag ter)
Szabadsag ter, Budapest, Hungary
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