Orczy Park is located in Pest, and it features wholesome conditions for practicing sports. Indeed, the park is fitted with a football field, a basketball court and jogging tracks. The lake within the park is yet another highlight of the place, inviting visitors to relax or, why not, boosting their appetite for working out.

The history of the park goes back to the late 18th century, but plenty of political and managing events have repeatedly changed the profile of Orczy Kert. Thus, it used to be home to the largest greenhouse in Budapest, as well as a favorite nature exploration site. On the other hand, it also underwent periods of administrative dereliction.

The bottom line is at present it is one of the favorite sites for practicing outdoor sports, that is, next to Margaret Island, for instance. Plenty of sports events are organized here, and it seems the chief mission of the organization in charge with its administration is to encourage people to discover the completeness of a life spent in the spirit of the physical exercise.

A special attention is paid to the so-called Orczy Kalandpark, highly popular with children, one of the most notable adventure parks in Budapest. Orczy Kalandpark is located in Orczy Kert, benefiting from the topographical features, nature set and leisure infrastructure the Orczy Park makes available.

The closest metro station is the one located in Nagyvarad ter, but tourists can also get off at the Klinikak station and cross Ulloi ut until they reach the park (a short walk, for that matter).

Orczy Park (Orczy Kert)
1, Orczy ut, 1089, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 3339501
0036 1 3130298
www.orczykert.net / www.orczypark.hu
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