Zoltan Kodaly was one of the most influential composers in Hungary during the 20th century, also standing out as one of the most important Hungarian ethnomusicologists. His contribution to the Hungarian musical history was complemented by his activity and work as linguist and philosopher.

However, the most prized heritage of Zoltan Kodaly refers to the so-called Kodaly Method, the crowning of his work as educator in the field of music. In order to honor the life and work of Zoltan Kodaly, a memorial museum has been set up since 1990. The museum displays a series of personal effects of Zoltan Kodaly, but visitors can also see the music saloon, as well as the library which belonged to the composer.

Researches in the field of the Zoltan Kodaly heritage are carried out by the Kodaly Archive.

Zoltan Kodaly Memorial Museum (Kodaly Zoltan Emlekmuzeum)
89, Andrassy ut, 1062, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 3527107
0036 1 3229647
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