The Semmelweis Museum of Medical History of Budapest is part of the largest national platform for the study and research of the history of medicine in Hungary, a platform which also comprises other two institutions: the National Medical History Library and the Archives.

It’s true a special emphasis is laid on the development of medicine and of the medical system in Hungary, but, in order to cover the wider context in which the national medicine has developed, the museum has also set up a permanent exhibition which speaks about the history of the entire western medicine.

The artifacts on display range from sundry medicine and pharmacy-related devices to graphic materials. The museum is also home to temporary exhibitions related to the theme it covers, but with implications in sundry contemporary fields.

The museum bears the name of Ignaz Semmelweis, a physician who revolutionized the practice of midwifery in the 19th century.

Semmelweis Museum of Medical History (Semmelweis Orvostorteneti Muzeum)
1-3, Aprod utca, 1013, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 3753533
0036 1 3753936
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