The edifice which is home to the National Museum of Hungary was designed by the architect Mihaly Pollack and built subsequently between 1837 and 1847. The total surface of the museum amounts to 8,000 square meters, which means the venue is the largest museum of Hungary.

The legend goes it is from the stairs of this museum that the revolutionary anthem of the poet Sandor Petofi was heard for the first time, on March the 15th, 1848. The song was a call to arms against the Hapsburg monarchy. Despite the fact the revolution failed, the date of March the 15th remained a national holiday for the Hungarian people.

The permanent exhibitions of the museum contain, amongst others, the Crowning Insignia, the History of Hungary from Saint Stephen to the new Millennium, and the History of Hungary during the 20th Century. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions, as well as it organizes such events abroad. It is, by far, a significant actor on the cultural scene of Budapest and of Hungary, for that matter.

National Museum of Hungary (Magyar Nemzeti Muzeum)
14, Muzeum korut, 1088, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 3177806
0036 1 3177806
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