The permanent exhibitions sheltered by the Hungarian Transport Museum are meant to retrace the history of both public and private transport in Hungary. Highlights refer to a collection of exhibits relevant to the road traffic in the country from its beginning (horse-drawn vehicles) to motorized contemporary vehicles.

On top of that, a special interest is drawn by the collection of large-scale steam locomotive models, but visitors might also want to study the history of flight and space flight which yields a separate collection by itself. This comprehensive picture is complemented by a collection of old cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

The Hungarian Transport Museum overlaps, at least in part, the thematic field covered by the Hungarian Museum of Transport and Technology, which is why one can notice the frequent exhibition exchanges between the two institutions and the mutual promotion activities.

Hungarian Transport Museum (Kozlekedesi Muzeum)
11, Varosligeti krt, 1146, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 2733840
0036 1 3637822
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