One of the most popular attractions displayed at the Hungarian Natural History Museum refers to an impressive 20 meters long skeleton of a fin whale, which was exhibited for the first time at the moment of the opening of the museum, in 2004. However, visitors studied in the naturalistic field of science can tell the museum has much more to offer. All of the three nature kingdoms (mineral, vegetable, animal) are duly represented by means of sundry exhibits gathered together in impressive and extensive collections.

Besides the numerous temporary exhibits which cover a large range of topics, the permanent exhibitions focus on rendering the geological history of the Carpathian basin, but they also approach more exotic themes, such as the display of a typical African swamp habitat or of a coral reef.

The path leading to the entrance of the museum is lined with all sorts of rocks, which is no surprise, since this arrangement is in itself a sort of collection, consisting of species of minerals ordered by the criteria of the moment of their geological formation.

Hungarian Natural History Museum (Magyar Termeszettudomanyi Muzeum)
2-6, Ludovika ter, 1083, Budapest, Hungary
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