The House of Terror Museum of Budapest is under the management of the Public Foundation for the Research of Central and East European History and Society. Its purpose is to keep alive the memory of those who were tortured and killed under the Communist and the Nazi rules, emphasizing the abomination of both regimes.

What is striking about the House of Terror Museum is it is hosted in an establishment which was actually used as a place of torture. The museum tries to maintain the atmosphere of that gloomy past by presenting to visitors the cells where the enemies of the regime used to be locked (the basement of the building), and by displaying collections of torture tools featured on the ground floor and on the first and second floors.

Temporary exhibitions are also organized, but the overall aim is to sensitize the public to the sad lessons humanity has to learn during the 20th century.

House of Terror Museum (Terror Haza)
60, Andrassy ut, 1062, Budapest, Hungary
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