Hungary is famed, amongst others, for its traditional wine production and top historical wines. By visiting the House of Royal Wines and Cellar Museum of Budapest one can get a complete insight into this field. The venue is divided into several sections, of which noteworthy are the palinka room, the champagne room, as well as the shop specialized in selling a wide range of wines (250 types of wines, 35 types of sparkling wines and 90 types of palinka) and proper accessories (glasses, corkscrews and the like).

The topics covered by this tempting venue range the Hungarian wine regions and wine orders to the vineyard culture in medieval Buda. Keen wine lovers can learn a lot about such topics, and their instructive experience can also be accompanied by tasting opportunities.

House of Royal Wines and Cellar Museum (Kiralyi Borhaz es Pincemuzeum)
Szent Gyorgy ter, Nyugati setany, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 2671100
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