The Budapest Citadel enjoys a privileged location: it was built on the highest hill of the city, the so-called Gellerthegy. The citadel was designed this way by the Hapsburg monarchy to military purposes, in order to repel rebels’ attempts, after 1848. The edifice maintained its intended use even during the 20th century, proving its usefulness during the Second World War.

However, at present it is home to several exhibitions and museums, such as the Museum of Military History (Hadtorteneti Kiallitas), the Gellert History Exhibition (Gellerthegy Tortenete), the Saint Gellert Memorial Park (Szent Gellert Emlekpark) and the Bunker Waxwork Exhibition, as well as the so-called Budapest between 1850 and 1945. All these venues are located within the surface delineated by the citadel walls, and some of them can be visited free of charge.

On top of that, the citadel is an excellent lookout, precisely by force of its location in Budapest, which is why it has been dubbed the Eye of Budapest. In order to enhance the tourist visibility of this objective, the citadel has been fitted with a restaurant and a hotel, as well as with a lounge area.

Budapest Citadel (Citadella)
1, Citadella Setany, 1118, Budapest, Hungary
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