Andrassy utca is bordered at one end by the Heroes’ Square, and at the other by Erzsebet ter, but its route is pegged out by two intermediate small squares, namely, the so-called Oktogon and Kodaly Korond.

This circus is framed by four buildings, each of them guarded by a statue which renders the figure of a certain national hero: Gyorgy Szondy, Janos Bottyan, Balint Balassa, Nikola Subic Zrinski, remarkable by their contribution to the fight against the Ottoman occupation (except Balint Balassa, a creative and poetical nature who sustained the fight by his lyrics). The circus is shadowed by the sycamores and chestnut trees growing in the gardens which border the four buildings.

The circus bears the name of Zoltan Kodaly, one of the most influential Hungarian composers of the 20th century, who lived in one of the four buildings located in Kodaly Korond. The heritage of Zoltan Kodaly is honored and preserved by the Zoltan Kodaly Memorial Museum.

A metro station is located in Kodaly Korond, making the circus available from virtually anywhere in Budapest.

Kodaly Korond
Budapest, Hungary

Kodaly Korond, Budapest, Hungary

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