The Ujpest Butterfly Museum opened no earlier then 2003, and that fortunate event took place by grace of Juhasz Gyorgy who offered to display publicly an impressively generous collection of items gathered as a result of extensive naturalistic and cultural explorations.

Indeed, the butterfly collections are the chief highlight of the museum, with hundreds of species which draw not only a scientific interest, but also the curiosity of mere amateurs who wonder about the prolificacy of nature. However, other exhibits refer to fossil, sea snail, coral and mineral collections.

The cultural side of the museum is represented by several collections of ethnographically relevant items (artifacts) and photos.

Ujpest Butterfly Museum (Ujpesti Lepkemuzeum)
26, Dessewffy utca, 1041, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 2310296

26, Dessewffy utca, 1041, Budapest, Hungary

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