The Castle Museum is one of the most beautiful Baroque buildings in Hungary, dating back to the 18th century. The bewildering furniture collections inside the castle, displayed in the more than 25 rooms open to visits, live up to the expectations one can rightfully make only by watching the museum from the outside.

A visit to the Nagytetenyi Castle Museum is the closest thing to the idea of a road through the history of furniture production. Ranging from the Gothic furniture style to more recent trends, the exhibits evidence that beauty is not the exclusive province of fine arts, but a category easily enforceable in designing artifacts with pragmatic utility.

The Nagytetenyi Castle Museum is a branch of the Museum of Applied Arts, next to the Gyorgy Rath Museum and the Hopp Ferenc Museum of Asian Art.

Naytetenyi Castle Museum (Nagytetenyi Kastelymuzeum)
9, Kastelypark ut, 1225, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 2070005
0036 1 2074680

9, Kastelypark ut, 1225, Budapest, Hungary

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