The Memento Park in Budapest, also referred to as the Statue Park, is an open-air venue arranged with monumental statues conceived and created during the Communist regime in the spirit of the alleged liberation and evolution Communism brought to Hungary. It gathers 42 huge sculptural works, and its aim is to provide an insight into the artistic view of the totalitarian rule, a view which, at its turn, speaks about the political dimension of the regime.

The statues are displayed thematically, and some of the most popular refer to the Soviet Heroic Memorial, to the Liberation Monument, as well as to the statues of Lenin, Marx and Engels. In its intended design, the venue is quite unique, at least when compared with what happened with similar works in other countries freed from Communism after 1990. Local authorities of Budapest have had the inspiration not to destroy the gloomy Communist heritage, but to preserve it and keep alive the lesson of the unfortunate decades of totalitarian rule.

Memento Park
Balatoni ut, 1223, Budapest, Hungary
0036 1 4247500
Communism statue Budapest Communist statue in Budapest

Balatoni ut, 1223, Budapest, Hungary

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