The Nyugati Train Station is the West Train Station of Budapest, located on the Pest side of the city. The tourist visibility of the venue is due not only to its being one of the most important railway stations in the capital of Hungary, but also to its architectural features.

Even from its construction, the venue has been related to the name of the Eiffel Company, the very company commissioned to erect the famed Eiffel Tower in Paris. The back then atypical architectural style bearing the name of Gustave Eiffel, which was also implemented in designing Nyugati Palyaudvar, turned the venue into one of the most modern train stations in Europe, a reputation it maintained for a long period of time.

The site filled at present by Nyugati Palyaudvar used to be where the first railway line of Hungary (connecting Pest to Vac) used to lie.

Nyugati Train Station (Nyugati Palyaudvar)
55, Terez korut, 1062, Budapest, Hungary

55, Terez korut, 1062, Budapest, Hungary

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