It is no overstatement to say the T-Mobile Bonusz Festival is for the electronic music in Hungary (and not only) what the Sziget Festival represents for the European rock music scene. Despite the fact the target public is, obviously, different, the popularity is just as stunning, since the crowd eager to dance amounts to thousands of enthusiasts.

Some of the most famed names in the field come and perform or mix live music, throwing Budapest in a raving trance. The festival is organized at Hungexpo, a venue large enough to accommodate several arenas and stages, not to mention the overwhelming public. It is held in mid October.

For detailed information on the history of the T-Mobile Bonusz Festival, how it came to become an event of special tourist significance, and on the next edition, follow the indications below:

T-Mobile Bonusz Festival (T-Mobile Bonusz Fesztival)

10, Albertirsai ut, 1101, Budapest, Hungary

10, Albertirsai ut, 1101, Budapest, Hungary

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