Budapest is one of the hubs of the Jewish culture in Europe, featuring plenty of landmarks which call forth the amplitude and the impact of the Jewish community in Hungary. The Dohany Street Synagogue, the second largest Judaic temple in the world, is one of the venues where the performances occasioned by the Jewish Summer Festival take place.

The program includes all sorts of happenings which range from music concerts to craftsmanship markets, from exhibitions to book markets. All these are intended to familiarize the public with the millennial traditions of the Jewish culture. A special emphasis is laid on the Klezmer music performances, Klezmer being one of the coordinates which have always accompanied the development of the Jewish traditions.

As a rule, the festival is held between late August and early September, and last about a week.

In order to learn more about the program conceived for the next edition of the Jewish Summer Festival, use the information provided below:

Jewish Summer Festival (Zsido Nyari Fesztival)

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

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