The Danube Carnival is organized each mid June by the so-called Danube Carnival International Multicultural Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to keep alive the rich heritage of the Hungarian folk culture, but not exclusively, since representatives of sundry international traditions are also welcome to perform at the Danube Festival.

Roughly speaking, the performances consist of music and dance representations meant to call forth the value of traditional artistic expressions, but they are also designed to create a connection between past and present, since a further objective of the festival is to showcase the latest creations in terms of dance and music shows.

The performances are not confined to a single venue. On the contrary, they take hold of some of the most popular public places in Budapest, such as Margaret Island and the Chain Bridge. The Museum of Ethnography is, it too, taken into account as scene where some of the representations are to be put on. Besides the shows proper, another highlight of the festival refers to dance parade which musters about 1000 participants marching on some of the most important thoroughfares of Budapest.

For further information on the following edition of the festival, use the indications provided below:

Danube Carnival (Duna Karneval)

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

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