Car race enthusiasts will be happy to learn Budapest is the starting point for the so-called Caucasian Challenge, a car race the route of which crosses through Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Nagorno Karabakh, and Armenia, which marks the finishing line of the contest.

The race is not only about testing the performances of the vehicles, but also about searching out, even from the point of view of a passionate tourist, the less frequented and rather anonymous paths of the countries crossed by the route. All sorts of vehicles are allowed to participate, regardless of their technical parameters.

The name of the race speaks for its specificity: the goal is to manage to get to the finishing line with the satisfaction of having faced the challenges implied in an attempt exclusively fueled by each competitor’s ambition and passion to discover new and unknown territories.

The event starts in mid August and last about two weeks.

For complete information on the race, its route, duration, conditions that must be complied with in order to enter the race, and the like, follow the indications below:

Caucasian Challenge

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

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