Roughly speaking, the Budapest Spring Festival is the first major cultural event held each year in the capital of Hungary. The performances occasioned by this festival cover a large part of the artistic spectrum, with cinematographic, theater, musical and dance representations hosted by sundry venues in Budapest.

Indeed, given the amplitude and the duration of the Budapest Spring Festival, as well as the diversity of the nature of the occasioned performances, the event could not be hosted by a single venue. The festival usually begins in mid March and lasts about two weeks.

International and national virtuosos participate to the event, but the Budapest Spring Festival often proves to be an occasion to celebrate the heritage from sundry foreign or local figures who have created in the field of music (classical music, jazz and so on) in particular and in art in general.

For updated information on the following edition of the Budapest Spring Festival, follow the indications provided below.

Budapest Spring Festival (Budapesti Tavaszi Fesztival)

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

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