Budapest is worldwide renowned for its architectural heritage which, at the same time, works as a strong tourist incentive for people who want to visit the capital of Hungary. However, when this historical asset is turned into the chief scene for the performances occasioned by the Budafest Summer Music Festival, lovers of all that is classical as artistic expression will most certainly experience a moment of great satisfaction.

Indeed, the Budafest Summer Music Festival unites into a coherent set the architecturally valuable buildings of Budapest (such as the State Opera House) and classical music performances put on by both international and national artists and orchestras.

The festival usually begins in early July and ends in mid August, meaning it provides a generous opportunity for people who want to explore the cultural scene of Budapest as extensively as possible.

For detailed information on the next edition of Budafest, use the indications below:

Budafest Summer Music Festival

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

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