As the name suggests, the Buda Castle Wine Festival is organized in Budavari, and the covered theme consists of all sorts of happenings meant to explain the subtleties of the wine culture. Thus, the instructive workshops and conferences are complemented by a range of sampling opportunities, which is always enticing for both the connoisseurs and mere amateurs.

An entire array of gastronomical temptations is also included in the program, since, indeed, a significant part of the wine culture consists of the art to associate the right wine with the right food. Music performances are also available.

The festival is held in the first half of September, and it lasts no less than 3 days.

For complete information on the Buda Castle Wine Festival and on the happenings programed for the next edition, follow the indications below:

Buda Castle Wine Festival (Budavari Borfesztival)

Budavari, Budapest, Hungary

Budavari, Budapest, Hungary

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